Renting: goodbye consumerism

The fact that we’re a consumerist society has been shoved into our noses for quite some time. And with good reason, if we might add. But things are beginning to change, which can be seen if we take a closer look at some of the latest trends in renting stuff. Here’s why and how we might defeat consumerism after all!

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the modern society was its consumerist tendency. The technological advances have made it possible for us to start producing more and more goods. This resulted in the reduction of prices. Suddenly, almost anyone could buy a ton of stuff. This in turn resulted in people buying things they would never even need. And that’s when we were first called a society of consumers.

This was accompanied by a new set of values. It’s not like we admitted there was something wrong with the way we were living – we tried to justify it instead. We talked about how owning something is so much better than renting it. After all, your ownership meant that you had the right to the thing in question for as long as you lived. Renting, on the other hand, gave you no rights whatsoever. So we continued piling up our junk, all the while looking at it like it was our achievement.

But owning so much is actually a burden, and it seems that people are starting to realize it. Research has shown that 80% of our stuff are items we use only a couple of times a year.

Having all that camping equipment might come in handy once or twice a year, but the rest of the time, it only takes up space and makes you worry about all the things you’ll never get to do. This doesn’t mean that people have given up on doing stuff and having fun. You can of course buy a ton of camping equipment, or you can rent on Rentuu or other similar sites. And it seems that this is working quite well, making it likely that renting will eventually suppress our consumerist tendencies.