Best Websites to Follow for Left-Wings Politics

The liberals had difficulty facing the weeks that followed November 8. It was almost like a nightmare accepting the fact that trump would become the American president. It would not just end at mourning the expected but dashed hopes like wage gap closure, minimum wage increase and police reforms but the liberals have to accept their fate and look for the way forward. The period was also characterized by the obvious disappointments by several internet media who had predicted the election results wrongly. However, a few of the media had perfect and accurate results which have earned them untold recognition today. If you are looking for the best websites to follow left-wing politics, here they are.

Current Affairs – the bimonthly print magazine, Current Affairs, talks about politics, culture and absurd events. The magazine is widely read and indeed a must-read if you are interested in left-wing politics. Several hot topics had occupied the center stage of Current Affairs. The news media employed their expertise to predict Trump’s victory, what it means for America and the way forward.

Jacobin Magazine – If you are interested in learning the socialist perspective on culture, politics and economics, then Jacobin is the magazine for you. The writers seemed more like prophets, perfectly predicting the loss of the Democrats. Moreover, they did not just drop their pens after the election, Jacobin has since featured several articles pointing at the future of America.

The Intercept – The Intercept has made a great name for their fearless journalism. It is dedicated to transparency and accountability and even the writers even risk their lives to achieve this. The Intercept became very popular after reporting on Edward Snowden’s leak. Glenn Greenwald, the co-founder, neglected the several governmental interferences and intimidations to make sure that their goal of accountability is maintained.

Deadspin and Jezebel – With Trump’s declaration of war on women and the shutdown of Gawker by Peter Thiel, it appears that these stores have turned to their pens to wage war against the leftists. The magazine features very interesting contents that often sound hilarious yet passing across powerful information. Most of the news is focused on Trump and the left-wing politics.