The Best Left-wing Podcasts

Listening to podcasts became the norm the weeks and months leading to the election. Experts assumed they have the situation under control. They promised everyone that things were going to be fine but sadly, things went worse. Liberal podcasts rather turned over to mourning, statistic and lamentation over the election incidents and results. Some podcasts represented an outpour of anger; some had fire in them and most decried the fascism America is plunging into. If you are looking for great podcasts on the aftermath and events after the election, here are some of the best ones for you.

Delete Your Account – The recently launched podcast organized by hosts Roqayah Chamseddine and Kumars Salehi appears to be very action-oriented and earnest. It talks about several issues ranging from climate change and prison riots to Dakota Access Pipeline. The podcasts provide actionable roadmaps to illustrate its points. Delete Your Account appears to be the right podcast to go for if you really want to learn about issues that borders on the American life. The high-quality contents provided by this podcast are unlike anything you have seen.

Chapo Trap House – This podcast provides vital information to users. Its primary focus is the Left and features a lot of news and information covering this political stance. It was created by Leftist Twitter stars and brings together politics, humor and absurdity. The conveyors interview comedians and journalists week after week, analyze and discuss their findings and keep their audience informed and entertained. They leave no stone unturned and get to the root of the each matter, often releasing their venomous attacks on any subject that presents.

Street Fight Radio – This podcast is hosted by the Leftists Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne, although they would rather be called “anarcho-comedy” podcast. The hosts take the news to their audience wherever they live. They feature humorous news and encompass several topics such as political protests, customer habits, conspiracy theories, and time theft. The podcast is amazing for several reasons but mostly by the approach in which they communicate and convey their messages to their audience. They use illustrations, stories about their life and events around them to convey their message, making it to appear as though you are chatting with two awesome dudes.